Friday, October 03, 2014

Those who work for us

The wonderful Peggy Noonan is always worth reading, and sometimes she is simply glorious. Her Saturday column (available online the day before) is one of her best. She deals, as only she can do, with the phenomenon of the unresponsive government employee testifying before Congress or to the television cameras. The column is located on the Wall Street Journal website  -- and if you can't get past the paywall, here's a sample from toward the end:

Sometimes it looks as if everyone in public life is in showbiz, only showbiz with impermeable employee protections. Lois Lerner of IRS fame planted the question, told the lie, took the Fifth, lost the emails and stonewalled. Her punishment for all this was a $100,000-a-year pension for the rest of her life. Imagine how frightened she was. I wonder what the Secret Service head's pension will be?


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