Thursday, October 30, 2014

The rules don't apply to us!

American military personnel returning from Ebola-threatened West African nations will be put under a three-week monitoring program (the quarantine that dares not speak its name!) while the nurse in Maine threatens to sue anyone who obliges her to stay away from the diner and the multiplex. She is of course supported by the New York Times and the president of the United States. She's not a mere soldier. She's doing "God's work," in Mr. Obama's weird phrase. Why, if doctors and nurses had to endure the rigors of quarantine, they might not volunteer to go to Africa in the first place! Working with Ebola victims is a splendid and uplifting experience, but not if it's followed by a three-week home stay. Educated people like Mr. Obama, the nurse in Maine, and the doctor in New York are perfectly able to judge what's safe and what's not, unlike those soldiers in the United States Army. Oh, wait. The New York doctor went bowling and traveled by subway as he was coming down with the disease, didn't he? Well, never mind! He's one of us! The rules don't apply to us. This is settled science, after all.


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