Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mostly free at last!

The United States can take some small comfort from the latest Index of Economic Freedom, to wit: we are still "mostly free." Here are the six nations in the "free" category for 2014:

1. Hong Kong
2. Singapore
3. Australia
4. Switzerland
5. New Zealand
6. Canada (Canada, OMG!)

As for the mostly-free, they start out like this:

7. Chile
8. Mauritius (Mauritius, OMG!)
9. Ireland
10. Denmark (OMG!)
11. Estonia (lately a member of the Warsaw Pact)
12. United States

Yes, the United States of Obama limp in at number twelve, outranked by several former socialist, one former communist, and one former fascist country! It gets even more humiliating when we go further down the list:

13. Bahrain

But not to worry! We're still well ahead of Stalin's birthplace of Georgia (22), not to mention Botswana (27).


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