Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And get rid of his beret!

What bothers me about Bradley Manning, even more than the fact that he's a traitor to  his country, is the beret and the spinach that he wears. Time was when only the Green Berets wore the droopy little cap. Then the Armored Cav adopted a black version. Now even company clerks look like commandos--especially when they scatter ribbons and name-tags and pendants all over their skinny chests. Come on, Brad! Even General Eisenhower didn't wear that much spinach as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe!

Even so, I'm glad that PFC Manning has been found guilty, unlike the self-important leakers who have found refuge in Latin American embassies and Russian transit lounges. When his sentence is handed down, I hope it will include deprivation of that absurd beret.


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