Thursday, February 23, 2012

On letting the insurance company pay for it

I love the Rasmussen polls, not so much because they're accurate (though I think they are) but for the wonderful glimpses they give of the way peoples' minds work. Today, Mr Rasmussen tells us that 38 percent of Americans think that insurance companies should pay for morning-after pills.

Well, sure! Why ever not? And here's an even better idea: why don't the insurance companies pay for everything? Morning after pills for the ladies; Viagra for the gents! Blood pressure pills! Aspirin tablets! Titanium knee joints!

Heck, if the insurance companies pay for all our medical needs, one of the major personal expenses will be removed from the American household budget, the Federal and state governments won't be going as deeply into debt, and all that extra money sloshing about will ensure that the economy goes on a roll unmatched since the 1950s. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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