Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is this man a Christian?

Well, he could be, but so what? He's also white, balding, and likes to dress up in fancy uniforms. Is he an extremist? Well, of course he is! Who but an extremist would shoot seventy people in cold blood? But the attempt of the New York Times and other mainstream media to paint him as the Christian equivalent of Osama bin Laden is not only pathetic but dishonest. When Mr. Breivik finished his dirty week, a few score young people were dead, and that was the end of it. (He'd like to think otherwise, but he's surely wrong.) When bin Laden finished his dirty work, several thousand people were dead, and his minions were gearing up to do it all over again, in multiple places.

What is Mr. Breivik? He's a white extremist. He's a balding extremist. He's a fancy-dress-uniform extremist.... He's a one-of-kind nutter like Timothy McVeigh or Ted Kaczinski (whose Manifesto Mr. Breivik quoted, along with John Stuart Mill). Far from exculpating Osama bin Laden or the Fort Hood shooter, as the NYT would like to do, Mr. Breivik actually makes them more fearful. Not only are they mass murderers, but they inspire mass murderers elsewhere, not only of their own sort (Islamic nutters) but also of Mr. Breivik's sort (fancy-dress-uniform nutters). Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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