Thursday, July 30, 2009

We all learn something from the Beer Summit

For days I have been snickering about the Beer Summit, on the ground that one or more of Professor Gates, Sergeant Crowley, and/or President Obama was sure to experience a taste new to him. Would the professor and the president make theirs a Bud for the very first time, or would the sergeant have to cope with some foreign suds unknown to Middle America?

Only the professor played the role assigned to him: his favorite brew is something called Red Stripe, which sounds more like a game fish than a beer. For his part, the sergeant favors another colorful brew I'd never heard of: Blue Moon. Who knew? As for the president, as I should have foreseen--he's a Chicago politician, after all--he'll make his a Bud. I can only imagine the agonized White House debates over that choice! ('But what would Joe the Plumber drink?')

But here's the thing: all three beers are brewed by foreign-owned companies! Bud, it seems, is Belgian in origin, yet another thing I didn't know. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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