Friday, July 03, 2009

An O for Maine

Les Otten transformed Sunday River ski area in western Maine from a local hill to one of New England’s great resorts. Then he transformed the Boston Red Sox from has-beens to the winners of two World Series. Then … well, you get the idea.

Now Les has another idea: he’s going to transform Maine! To do that, he must first be elected governor, which to the horror of the state Democratic party he plans to do in 2010. Here’s a screen shot from his website:

Maine Democratics have gone ballistic, accusing Otten of having stolen his O from another eminently successful young man. Indeed it seems so. Where will this end? If nominated in September '10, will he kick off his campaign in front of faux Greek pillars? If he wins in November, will he give speeches from a podium emblazed Office of the Governor Elect? Blue skies! – Dan Ford


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