Friday, July 10, 2009

‘Let me make one thing perfectly clear!’

You’re probably not old enough to remember the fractured syntax of our 34th president. Suffice it to say, Eisenhower shouldn’t have been let out in public without a teleprompter ... unless, as my brother speculates, Ike actually hoped to escape criticism by baffling his listeners. Either way, he’s getting some serious competition from our famously eloquent 44th president. In an interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper, Obama set out to explain why Joe Biden thinks that a trillion-dollar deficit isn’t stimulating enough: ‘The more that we can do to stimulate the economy in the short term, the challenge we've got as everybody knows is that we inherited a big deficit, and it is at a certain point potentially counter productive if we're spending more money than we're having to borrow.’ Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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