Sunday, April 19, 2009

A rebel wedding

My father is the young gunman standing at right. He's best man at the wedding of his cousin John Forde (seated at left), soon after the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in December 1921. The lads are wearing the uniform of the Irish Republican Army; the girls, a sort of nursing-sister outfit, indicating that they had served in the Cumman na mBan women's auxiliary.

I dug out the photo to illustrate my final 'long essay' in War in the Modern World. The essay isn't terribly long--a bit less than 3,000 words. It combines a survey of the literature (what graduate students and unimaginative professors do best) with some of my father's memories of the Irish rebellion and civil war that followed the First World War. Titled A Rebel in the County Cork, 1915-1923, it's a two-dollar download from Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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