Wednesday, September 12, 2007

grow up dot org

In the past I've been more amused than otherwise by the antics of MoveOn.Org, but this one makes the bile rise. Here speaks the self-proclaimed "netroots" of the Democratic party, calling a brave man a traitor. (What else does it mean to "betray us"?)

Meanwhile, a New York Times / CBS poll shows that 23 percent of the U.S. population approves of the way Congress is doing its job. In a separate question, people were asked who they would trust most to resolve the war in Iraq, and in this question, Congress got a resounding 21 percent, while the military got 68 percent. (The Bush administration got a 5 percent vote of confidence.) Of course it is precisely the President and the Congress who should resolve the situation, and not the military, but I am comforted that an overwhelming majority of the American people don't seem to share MoveOn.Org's opinion of the U.S. Army's leadership.


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